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About Greig Equipment Company

Greig Equipment Company was founded in 1968 by Richard A. and Helen M. Greig.  Richard Greig had already acquired 17 years of  experience in the industry, a loyal following of friends and a family of five children who were able to assist him with the business.  The Greigs taught their five children the value of hard work, quality and "getting it right the first time".  Their only son, Richard S. Greig, a 1972 marketing graduate of Penn State University, has headed the organization since 1977, when his father passed away.

In 1980, R.S. Greig replaced the company's inventory of steel-framed scaffolding with a new JLG 40-foot telescopic boom lift -- the single largest equipment purchase in the company's history.  During Greig Company's consistent growth, it has been involved in the community earning recognition as a Junior Partner from the Presque Isle Partnership and receiving the United Way Bronze and Silver Awards.

Greig Company prides itself on quality and the ability to keep up with the fast-track pace that customers demand.  In the last 20 years, Service Manager, Robin Matthews has earned respect filling orders carefully -- and for emergency orders, frequently in less than one hour.  Greig's technicians receive updated equipment training yearly at factory schools and customers receive on-site training in lift usage.

Richard A. Greig's values, combined with the past and present efforts of hard-working employees and customers, continue to drive the company and benefit the region.

Offering generator rentals, aerial lifts, forklift rentals & more


R.A. Greig Equipment Company offers a variety of aerial work platforms, temporary office structures, specialty powered items, concrete accessories and other architectural products.  The lift products are manufactured in Pennsylvania by JLG Industries, Inc. from which R.S. Greig received an award for opening the aerial platform market in this region.  Greig Equipment is the authorized factory distributor in Northwestern Pennsylvania for selling, servicing and leasing JLG products.

A New Brunswick, Canada company used an aerial lift from Greig Equipment deep in a gorge, for bridge repairs 116 feet above.  When a fleet of sailing ships visited the Erie harbor, a camera grew used a boom-type lift to gain a "seagull's view".  Workers atop a lift dismantled and repaired an 85-foot environmental windmill on Presque Isle.  Primarily, however, lifts are used by electricians, painters, plumbers and other trades and maintenance people.  They are available with many productive features and options, including hydraulic-powered platforms that can be parked off-road and controls that the worker can operate from the machine's basket.

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