Concrete Equipment


yard, yard concrete buckets used for placing concrete or roofing materials.

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Dual wheel - 16 cubic foot.
Single wheel - 11 cubic foot.
Fully hydraulic dump, hydra-static drive; gasoline powered.

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Power Buggies




Hoppers and Tremies for hard to reach concrete placing jobs

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Floor Grinders and Scarifier Machines available with grinding stones, diamond inserts or scarifier teeth.  Use for leveling floors or roughing surfaces to accept new overlays.

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Hydraulic Concrete/Rock Splitters

Darda Hydraulic Rock Splitter used for breaking thick concrete foundations.

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Tennant K-4 Scarifier Machine used to clean industrial floors or plane high spots on concrete slabs.

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Multiquip Power Trowels - 30" to 36" and 48" available.  All with adjustable blade pitch to fine tune your finish.

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Wyco Concrete Vibrators - square head for better compaction; double insulated for greater safety.  Many sizes available.

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Concrete Saws

Gas/Electric hand held "Quickie Saws" - up to 14" blade diameter.  Diamond and/or abrasive blades are available.

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Gas powered, self propelled; from 13HP to 65HP; from 14" to 36" blade capacity.

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Walk Behind Concrete Saws



Greig Equipment Company offers financing options that allow you to choose a method of payment that best suits your needs.  Download and print our credit application.  Fill it out and mail it to us.  We will process your application immediately upon receipt.

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