Compaction Equipment

Hand Held Compactors
Model MT-60HS 2,610 lb./blow
Model MCV-90 3,350 lbs. centrifugal force

Gasoline powered "jumping jack" tampers for ditches, plate tampers for soil or asphalt compaction.  Perfect for small jobs and narrow areas.

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Diesel "walk behind" vibratory rollers for soil compaction and asphalt rolling.  Drum scraper and water kits are standard.

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Vibratory Compactors
Model MR-8 8,000 lb. centrifugal force



Ride-on Roller
Model VR-36H 3,100 lbs. centrifugal force 

Diesel 1 ton ride on vibratory roller  - for soil compaction and asphalt rolling; water kit and roller cleaning mats are standard.  Perfect for parking lots, road repair and patchwork

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Greig Equipment Company offers financing options that allow you to choose a method of payment that best suits your needs.  Download and print our credit application.  Fill it out and mail it to us.  We will process your application immediately upon receipt.

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