Aerial Lifts

Gas/Diesel Straight Boom
Model 600S - 60' 4WD

JLG Lifts Gas/Propane/Diesel Straight Booms from 30' to 120'; unique 1,000# restricted capacity only offered by JLG on most models.  8' platform 4WD and skywelder available; latest models with state-of-the-art options.

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JLG Lifts Gas/Propane/Diesel Articulated Booms from 30' to 80' 1,000# restricted capacity on certain models.  8' platform, 4WD units available.

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Gas/Diesel Articulated Boom
Model 600A


Electric Articulated Boom
Model M600

JLG Lifts multi-power series DC electric powered units with optional diesel engine to charge batteries when power not readily available.  All wheel drive with oscillating steer axle.

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JLG Electric Scissor Lifts from 15' to 39' platform height; 3' platform extensions non-marking tires.  Units available with EE rating and 1,000# capacity.

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Electric Scissor Lift
Model 2033E3



Gas/Diesel Scissor Lift
Model 260-MRT

JLG Rough Terrain Scissors from 26' to 50'; 4WD gas/propane and diesel available.  Platform extensions on most models and leveling jacks on selected units.

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JLG Self Propelled Vertical Lifts with narrow and short wheelbase gets you into tight areas.  Quiet operation allows machines to work even in an office environment.

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Vertical Self-Propelled Platform
Model VP-20



Vertical Push-Around Platform
Model 24AM

JLG's AM-Push Around units- lighter weight than traditional self propelled scissors; can be used on most types of floors. 25' to 41' available; special straddle kit extension for working in churches or auditoriums without removing seats.

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Greig Equipment Company offers financing options that allow you to choose a method of payment that best suits your needs.  Download and print our credit application.  Fill it out and mail it to us.  We will process your application immediately upon receipt.

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